Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

air conditioner repairHeat can be downright uncomfortable especially if you’re located in a sunny state. Going out for a drive on a hot day can have a toll on the body. It can be exhausting. Nothing beats a hot and humid day outside than getting home and cooling down with your AC turned up. However, what happens if your AC won’t do its job? What will you do if your AC breaks down on you in the middle of a hot day? – You call a professional for air conditioner repair contractor, of course. Aside from calling in backup, you can prevent problems with your AC by detecting the causes and acting on them to avert a malfunction.

Reasons for AC malfunction and tips before calling for air conditioner repair

Clogged air filters – the most common problem that an air conditioning unit faces is a dirty air filter. When the air filter is dirty, the air that gets sucked in between the coils becomes limited. In short, dirt blocks air from circulating in the system. However, this problem can easily be resolved. If you have a window-type AC, you can simply take out the filter, clean, and reinstall the filter. For centralized AC unit, check the filter currently used by the system before replacing with a new one.

Faulty thermostat settings – when you’re AC unit isn’t blowing cold air, there’s no reason to panic just yet. The problem could be a faulty thermostat setting. This issue doesn’t call for air conditioner repair but you may need to if there is a technical problem with the thermostat. Normally, when the AC isn’t producing the cold air you want, the thermostat may be set to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’. In this case, set the setting to auto and let the thermostat do the work of adjusting the temperature when needed. This also ensures that your AC isn’t beat up trying to work harder all the time. It also saves you more money in the long run if your system is running effectively.

Clogged or dirty outside unit – the outside unit of your AC system is very important. This is where the heat coming from inside the house is thrown out. When the outside unit or condenser is clogged with dust and debris, it will have a hard time dissipating the heat. You may clean the outside unit with a portable compressor. Just don’t blow the air too close to the fins or you’ll bend them over which isn’t a good thing. You may also add a fence around the condenser. This will make sure that leaves and other debris can’t get into your condenser, causing it to become clogged.

Refrigerant is running low – despite efforts on cleaning and maintaining your AC, if it still doesn’t blow cold air, there must be a problem in the system. For older AC units, it is not uncommon for refrigerant levels to go down. To be sure that it is the case, have your HVAC contractor check your AC unit for any leaks. Normally, leaks are the main cause of low refrigerant levels. Your HVAC contractor will be able to pinpoint the leak and fill your system with the suitable refrigerant to bring the AC back to normal operation.

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