Reasons Why Your Heat Pumps Shuts Off Prematurely

heat pumpHeat pumps are useful devices that provide both heating and cooling. They are widely popular due to their functionality, efficiency, and versatility. However, if your heat pump is not cared for properly, it can face a number of problems. If your unit short cycles (a phenomenon where the heat pump turns on and shuts of prematurely), it can be damaged and your electric bill could skyrocket. Heat pumps, like air conditioners and heating systems, are more efficient when they run continuously. To keep your heat pump in working order at all times, you may follow the steps provided in this article.

What are the ways to keep heat pumps from breaking down?

Keeping the air filters clean

One of the most common causes of heat pump problems is clogged air filters. Due to continued usage, air filters trap dust and other particles in the air. Over time, the filters become less permeable and air can no longer get through as efficiently as before. The restricted airflow causes the system to work much harder than before. The unit then ages prematurely and your energy bill a lot higher than before. Be sure to keep your air filters clean at all times. It is also recommended to have an HVAC contractor North Myrtle Beach perform periodic maintenance to prevent any sort of problem.

Always keep your thermostat in check

Although not prevalent, it is possible for your thermostat to provide an accurate reading to your heat pump. Heating and air conditioning output will be hampered. The system will work abnormally which could lead to problems later on. If your thermostat is located near a window or other areas where temperatures could quickly change, there’s a chance it may provide inaccurate readings which could then lead to short cycling.

Make sure there are no leaks in the refrigerant lines

Heat pumps work by passing refrigerant through copper piping. The refrigerant is then gasified and condensed. The effect of which is heat transfer which either cools or heats the house. When there are leaks in the refrigerant lines, the system can no longer efficiently provide heating and cooling. If the issue is not addressed, the refrigerant could be depleted and the system can no longer provide its basic function.

What should I do in case my heat pump runs into a problem?

The best thing to do is call an expert like NMB HVAC Pros. While you can try to troubleshoot the problem yourself, there’s no guarantee that you can fix the issue. When your heat pump breaks down, try to assess the issue by powering on the unit and observe what happens. To prevent exacerbating the issue, call an HVAC technician right away. Once they arrive, tell them what you observed in complete detail. The technician can take it from there are fix the problem.

Is your heat pump showing signs of wear? Is the heating and cooling no longer sufficient? Call NMB HVAC Pros today! We can provide all of your heating and cooling needs. You may reach us at (843) 353-4089.

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