What Causes A Leaky HVAC Unit?

HVACIf you do not want to pay for costly repairs, you need to have your HVAC unit maintained properly. Any pooling or leaking water around your unit should be dealt with immediately. Turn off your system right away once you discover a leak as this can prevent water from causing further damage to your system’s electrical components and reduce the amount of water damage to your house. A leaky HVAC unit may indicate that your system has a bigger and more complicated problem. Provided below are six things that need to be addressed when determining what is causing your HVAC system to leak.

Dirty Coil

When it comes to cooling your home, your North Myrtle Beach HVAC unit pulls humidity from the air. The cold evaporator coil of the system is made to gather this condensation and then drain it away. Once all things are working the way it should, the water will run down the coil and into a pan that leads to another drain. The main destination of all this pooled water is either into the plumbing drain or outside the house.

Dirt can cause the evaporator coil to malfunction. When the coil becomes filled with mold, dust, as well as other debris, the water will no longer be bonded too tightly to the surface, and it starts to drip into the ground. The water will also get mixed with grime and dirt, combining it with the puddles of condensation on your floor. You could buy products that help with cleaning the coils but results are not guaranteed. It is best to hire experts like NMB HVAC Pros to prevent issues.

A dirty coil will cause issues even for the water that was diverted correctly into the proper drain. The dirt that the water carries can cause clogs to the drains. When the drains become totally obstructed, the water will have nowhere to go but back to your house. If you can’t do the cleaning on your own, hire an HVAC contractor.

Clogged Drain Lines

When a clog has been determined, a dry/wet vacuum could be utilized to clear out the obstructions. Every 4 to 6 months, once you have made sure that the pipes are totally clear, you should pour a solution that is made of bleach and warm water. This can assist in keeping the drain free of mold and other unwanted growths. It can also help in dislodging other obstructions as part of the preventive care and HVAC maintenance.

Damaged Drain Pan

Drain pans that are made of plastic or metal can corrode after some time, which can lead to more leaks. Check for cracks and holes and replace them when needed.

Icy Indoor Coil

Another probable cause of water pooling around your system could be iced over the indoor coil. If you fail to notice this problem, it can result in rapid melting that could result in overwhelming the drain pan and then eventually pool onto your floor. You can reduce some of the damage caused by an iced indoor coil by operating the HVAC unit in fan mode only for a couple of hours to let the ice melt. Be sure to monitor it so it won’t flood the drain pain.

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