Useful Air Conditioner Repair Tips

air conditioner repairIt is almost always during the hottest days when you notice that your air conditioner is struggling. But don’t blame the unit right away. A system that’s not been well maintained can perform poorly and unable to keep you cool while increasing your energy bills. Listed below are the most common reasons why your air conditioning unit is not working well and a few basic air conditioner repair tips.

TV Is Too Close To The Air Conditioner

Don’t place TV sets or lamps near the thermostat that is regulating your central air or close to a window unit. Thermostats can sense heat from these appliances, and they can cause the air conditioning unit to run longer than they need to.

Dirty Filter

A filthy and clogged filter can limit the flow of air through your unit, decrease the North Myrtle Beach HVAC system’s efficiency, and reduce its ability to cool the air effectively. If you have not cleaned the filter of your air conditioner unit in your room recently, you have to get it done now. You have to change the filters at least once a month especially if you have pets at home or if the unit is running constantly.

Warm Air Is Leaking In

You have to inspect the seal surrounding your window system to ensure that hot air is not getting in or that cold air is not seeping out. If that is the case, get a weatherstripping and reseal around the system. If you can’t seem to find where the drafts are coming from, call your local HVAC contractor.

Blocked or Dirty Registers

In case you have a forced air heating and cooling system, you have to vacuum the registers regularly to get rid of dust that many have accumulated. Be sure that the furniture as well as other objects are not blocking the flow of air through the registers. This is another basic air conditioner repair tip that you need to remember.

Thermostat Is Set Incorrectly

In case you have a programmable thermostat, you need to program it so that your home will have a comfortable temperature if you are there and a tad bit higher if you are not. Always remember that for every degree that you increase the temperature, you will be able to save three percent on your air conditioning costs. Window units do not provide the whole house control of a central unit. In case you are depending on one window unit to cool off a big space, you need to experiment with the thermostat setting since the temperature will depend on where you are located in the room. Contact NMB HVAC Pros for any concerns relating to your heating and cooling.

It Is Too Sunny Inside

In case your room AC unit is in a sunny window, it will have to work really hard to cool your room. And when the thermostat for the central system is located in a sunny area, it will register the incorrect temperature. Your best bet is to keep your curtains and shapes drawn all day especially during summer.

Plants Are Crowding The Compressor

The central air’s outdoor compressor requires enough airflow to k correctly so be sure that there is at least two to three feet of space between the system and any structures or plants. There must likewise be five feet of clearance between the trees above and the top of the unit.

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