Tips On Proper HVAC Maintenance

HVAC contractorIn an ideal setting, you’d want your central heating and cooling to work well whenever you want it to. That’s the whole point of the system in the first place; to provide convenience to the user. However, what’s difficult to figure out is when the system starts to become inefficient. HVAC upkeep works in the same sense as doing preventive maintenance on a car. You don’t wait for a car to break down before you take care of it. What you should do is take care of it, have inspections done, and other preventive maintenance checklists to prevent it from getting damaged. The same goes for central heating and cooling. That’s why you should stick to the routine checkup your HVAC contractor gave you. Getting HVAC maintenance is not expensive at all but goes a long way in terms of keeping your system in good condition.

Maintaining your central air conditioner

Its spring and summer are just a few months away. The heat outside will start to become a little too hot for your taste. So you go inside, turn your AC on, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day. However, you won’t be able to relax if your AC breaks down. On average, air conditioning units can last anywhere from 12-15 years. Of course, that’s with proper maintenance. If you don’t keep your unit maintained, expect a much lower lifespan. You can call a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection of your system. On the other hand, you can also do some of your own maintenance. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure the air filters are clean. Replace or clean them every 4-6 weeks. If any of your family members have allergies, it’s best to keep your air filters clean.
  • Clean the outside unit. Removing debris from the coils is as simple as watering it down with a garden hose. No fancy tools required!
  • Be sure to clean the surroundings of the outside unit. Keeping it clean helps prevent blockage of airflow.

Tips to keep your central air conditioning in top shape

If you have any doubts about the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, you could always have a professional do an inspection. You can also do the following to improve or aid the performance of your system:

  • Use ceiling fans to aid the circulation of air. This will lessen the time it takes for the air conditioner to cool the house to your desired temperature setting. Also, make sure that all vents are not blocked. Move objects away for maximum airflow.
  • Be sure that your attic is fully ventilated. In fact, good attic ventilation can lower energy costs by 10-12%.
  • Pull the shades and blinds on areas that receive direct sunlight. Do this during spring and summer.
  • If possible, use a heat-generating appliance during the cooler part of the day.

There are different ways you could keep your system in top condition. Hiring an expert like NMB HVAC Pros can greatly improve the performance of your system and keep it in such a state for a longer time.

Is your central air conditioning giving you a headache? Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call NMB HVAC Pros today! You may reach us at (843) 353-4089.

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