Easy Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioning Unit

air conditioningWhen talking about preparing for the summer heat, there are certain things you should do to prevent potential problems, like having an air conditioning unit that will not function, at the time when you need it the most. With routine maintenance, your air conditioning system will continue to operate efficiently while keeping Murphy’s Law away.

How To Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer

Check The Air Filters

If you neglect your air filters of your North Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit, they will eventually be filled with unwanted contaminants, which will reduce air flow and make your air conditioner run inefficiently. It could also lead to poor and even harmful indoor air quality. The air filter must be cleaned regularly, especially during heavy use seasons. If you haven’t done it already, find, remove, clean, or replace the air filters of your air conditioner.

  1. Where Can You Find The Air Filter?

The majority of air conditioning units have two primary components: the outdoor unit, called the condenser and the indoor unit, which can either be a furnace or an air handler unit. Some indoor units have an air filter that is positioned inside the blower area, or in the air grille of the ceiling return. On the other hand, some garage, as well as basement air conditioning units or HVAC systems have their air filters positioned near the bottom of their blower area.

  1. What Kind of Air Filter Does Your System Have?

Filters with a cardboard frame or a paper are disposable. Meanwhile, those with a metal or plastic frame are reusable.

  1. Clean or Replace The Air Filter?

When you remove the air filter, be sure to check it closely. Did you notice any dust and dirt build up? If yes, then you should either clean or replace the air filter. To clean a filter that is reusable, first fill a tub with water and vinegar. Then submerge the filter into the solution and leave it there for one to four hours, depending on how long ago the filter was cleaned. Take out the filter. Don’t rinse it. Place it on the towel and leave it in a sunny location until it dries completely. The filter of your air conditioner should be cleaned on a regular basis and more often during heavy use seasons.  Dirty disposable air filters, may be replaced and the old one discarded.

Check The Condensate Drain Line

If your air conditioning unit is operating correctly, the circulation of cold air, to warm will cause  condensation to accumulate. This water will drain into a pan and then pass through a tube leading outside, through the condensate drain line. Most central air conditioning systems and units have their condensate drain line outside the house, commonly close to the condenser unit, even though a few indoor units might be installed in such a way that they drain into the plumbing. Check the drain line and inspect it to make sure that it is not restricted in any way.

  1. Regularly Clearing The Drain Line

Algae, gunk, as well as mold may build up and clog the drain line of any air conditioning unit and cause the drain pain to overflow. You can stop this from taking place by clearing the drain line on a regular basis. If you don’t, you might end up with water damage, not only to the system, but to your home as well. Professional HVAC contractors suggest a yearly clean out and the best time would be during spring. You can try to clear an obstructed line using a wet dry vacuum or a homemade vinegar solution. In case you are not comfortable in doing this task, you can always call an expert to help you out.

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