Spring Cleaning Tips For Your HVAC System

HVAC contractor North Myrtle BeachMost homeowners consider their HVAC system as a silent support unit. However, its presence is made is made known whenever they receive their energy bill. Households spend thousands of dollars on energy expenses every year and almost 50% of that amount is attributed to the cost of running a heating and cooling system at home. Temperature control and how efficient your system runs significantly affect the cost that you have to pay. There are many things you can do to ensure that your unit is up to the task and that includes preventative maintenance. Listed below are a few HVAC maintenance tips you need to include in your spring cleaning routine.

Replace the furnace filter – Why is this the first one on the list? This is a very simple task but can have a significant effect on the health of your HVAC unit. Having a clean filter can lower your energy usage by about 15%. In case your system has a temporary filter, set a certain day every month, a date that you will remember, and replace your filter during that time. In case it is a permanent filter, take it out and rinse the filter on the same day every month.

Clear the drainage hole – Air conditioners typically have a drainage hole that is found at the base of the cabinet. The hole is commonly placed underneath the evaporator fins. If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently, the hold should be kept clear at all times. Although the hole might be too small for you to manually clean, a small piece of wire or a paper clip will do the trick.

Dry out the dehumidifier – based on the time of the year, several homeowners cannot live without a dehumidifier. If you are one of them, you have to make sure that it is functioning at optimum capacity, take out the outer casing and let the system dry. When the unit is dry, the next thing you have to do is vacuum the whole unit to get rid of the extra dirt and debris before you put the casing back.

Get rid of anything that obstructs the exterior system – Although the unit is placed outside the house, you cannot just leave it there and not take care of it in some ways. You can ask any HVAC contractor North Myrtle Beach and they will all tell you that you have to protect the unit from the effects of exterior elements. Check the system at least twice every month and take out any debris or loose vegetation. Any standing vegetation should not be permitted to grow within at the very least two feet of the system so that it can pull the air it requires to control your home’s temperature.

Tidy up the bathroom fans – The fans in your bathroom work extremely hard throughout the year and spring cleaning is the best time to make sure that they work as efficiently as possible. Remove the fan covers before washing them with water and soap. When the covers are off, take a toothbrush and clean the fan blades before you put back the cover. Don’t forget to turn off the power first before you start this task.

Consider adding a smart thermostat – you should consider adding a smart thermostat if you want to be able to program your home’s temperature settings so you can make your home feel warmer during the colder season and colder during the warmer season.

Schedule a tuneup – when you have finished all of the tasks listed above, it is time to call in the experts. An expert HVAC contractor can take a closer look at your system and look for problems that your untrained eye might have missed. You can follow the HVAC contractor as he does his job and ask questions if you have any. The contractor can provide you with invaluable insights that can help you with your ongoing efforts to lower your energy use and energy bill.

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