Signs You Need To Replace Your Heat Pump

heat pumpA heat pump can make it much easier to live as the weather in Myrtle Beach becomes cooler. How do you know if your heat pump isn’t working correctly? You may have noticed that the heat pump is not heating or operating as efficiently as it used to. The HVAC system, like all appliances, is not designed to last forever. However, it can be maintained regularly and offer many benefits. It all depends on the climate and how frequently you use it. A heat pump that is regularly maintained will last longer than one that isn’t.

Even a well-maintained heat pump can have problems. Here are some signs that your heat pump needs to be replaced. If you see any of these signs, contact an HVAC contractor immediately to determine if your system can be repaired or if you need to begin looking for a new one.

Signs your heat pump may need to be replaced

Unit Produces Hot or Cold Air, Consistent With Temperature Settings

Many homeowners have to deal with a heat pump that doesn’t heat or cool. Although it may still emit regular air levels, the air coming out is not as hot or cold as what was set. It could be that the unit is emitting cool air despite being set at a warm temperature, or it may not be producing warm air. It could also happen in the reverse direction. This could indicate that refrigerant levels have dropped or that the compressor has been damaged. For help in diagnosing the problem and the possible solutions, contact a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor.

Diminished Air Flow

A problem could also be the absence or complete lack of warm air from the vents. If you notice a significant decrease in airflow, it could indicate that your compressor is on its last leg. If your thermostat is set at a specific temperature and your home stays cold, your heat pump system may not be functioning properly. This could indicate that your heat pump system needs to be replaced or the air filters are failing.

Unique Sounds and Smells

Fully functional heat pumps should work silently. You will notice a sound from your heat pump when it cycles. This is normal. If you notice a different sound than you were used to hearing, it’s time to inspect the unit. This could be a sign that your heat pump needs to be repaired or it may be time to replace it. Any unusual smell is also a possibility. Foul smells could indicate that the insulation of your heat pump is damaged or that mold has formed in the ductwork.

Excessive moisture is produced or leaked

It is normal to see a little water drip. If your heat pump is not in use, it should be left dry. You should replace your heat pump if you see any signs of moisture or sudden increases in condensation.

NMB HVAC Pros can help you determine if your heat pump can be repaired or replaced.

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