Quick Air Conditioner Repair Guide

air conditioner repairDon’t you just hate it when your air conditioner breaks down on you in the middle of a hot summer’s day? It’s going to be a really bad day when that happens to you. Before summer goes full swing, you should have your air conditioner checked out for any issues. Air conditioner repair is best done before summer officially rolls in. This is to avoid any costly and inconvenient breakdowns later on. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Air conditioner repair 101

  1. Observe proper thermostat settings – have you ever experienced a time when the air conditioner just won’t do its job at cooling your home? It’s not always the fault of the air conditioner. Sometimes, it’s just a bad thermostat setting that causes trouble. Be sure that your thermostat settings are set correctly. Incorrectly setting your thermostat may cause the unit to underperform or over-perform. Either way, your air conditioner won’t be delivering the best results if the thermostat is not set properly.
  1. Put fresh thermostat batteries – one of the most common causes of thermostat failure is dead batteries. Older thermostat models require batteries to be swapped out every so often. This is to ensure that it works as intended. However, a lot of homeowners tend to forget doing so from time to time. You can put in fresh batteries to prevent the thermostat from working incorrectly.
  1. Replace the air filter – your air conditioner is fitted with an air filter that does just what you would have thought, filter air. With that said, air filters trap a lot of dirt over time. If you have pets or live with a number of other people in the same household, the air filters would need replacing more frequently. When the air filters become clogged with dirt, the system cannot circulate as much air as it should. It might sound trivial, but dirty air filters can cause a lot of problems for your system. It’s also one of the reasons why you would need North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair at some point.
  1. Check the circuit breaker – be sure that the circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner is working and has not tripped. If the circuit breaker is tripped, for any reason, be sure to reset it.
  1. Check the vents – dirty vents may lead to bad air quality. Other than that, air may not be circulated well enough that the system may try harder to push air around your home.
  1. Hire an expert contractor – the last thing that you will be needing is a reliable HVAC contractor. In case you notice something wrong with your system and basic troubleshooting steps aren’t helping, call experts like NMB HVAC Pros. If you’re worried that your air conditioner might break down on you in the middle of summer, you have more reason to hire an expert. Be sure that all issues are resolved so your air conditioner can run without any hitch during the season when you need it the most.

Is your air conditioner not working as well as it used to? Call NMB HVAC Pros and have all your air conditioner woes fixed today!

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