HVAC 101 – Can A Power Surge Damage My Heat Pump Or Air Conditioner?

air conditioner repairAir conditioners, heat pumps, and other home appliances have one thing in common, they all run on electricity. The technology that your HVAC system has is a feat of modern engineering. However, this does not mean they can’t get damaged. Power surges can be damaging to electrical appliances which often results in the homeowner seeking air conditioner repair and similar services. How do power surges affect your air conditioning unit or heat pump? This article will tell you all that you need to know.

Power surges and what it means for your heat pump or AC unit

Before you dig deeper into the topic, let’s first understand the common terminologies that will be involved in this article. Power outages and power surges are two different instances. A power outage is when the power from the grid is cut off which leads to an immediate loss of electricity in the household. The scope of the power outage may vary depending on the consumers connected to the grid. On the other hand, a power surge is when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then restarted. This results in an energy surge that can vary from a few to a couple of thousand volts depending on the scenario.

How do power surges affect my heat pump or AC?

If your home does not have surge protection, the likely thing that will happen is a system failure. If a power surge is strong, it can fry the circuits that control your heat pump as well as other electronics. Basically, you would likely need to seek North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair should the worst happen.  The electrical components of your air conditioner or heat pump are only rated to a certain range of voltage. Any huge deviations will cause the system to fail.

What do I need to protect my heat pump or AC unit?

Your HVAC system costs thousands of dollars and such an investment must be protected. To make sure that your HVAC system is safe from any power surges, hire an electrician to install a power surge protector. Better yet, have whole-house surge protection to make sure that all electrical appliances are protected from sudden bursts of electricity. You never know when a power surge will happen. In the event that a big one occurs, your home will be ready with surge protection in place.

What to do when my heat pump or AC has been damaged?

When a power surge hits your heat pump, the damage will vary. In some cases, little to no repairs will be needed. On the other hand, in extreme cases, repairs or replacement must be done. To ensure that your system is thoroughly checked, hire experts like NMB HVAC Pros. Hiring the right professionals will matter. A correct assessment of your system will determine what actions will be needed. Be sure that you are hiring an HVAC contractor that knows how to handle such cases.

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