Money Saving Tips On Heating and Cooling Energy Cost

heating and coolingDid you know that an average household in the U.S. spends at least $2,000 on energy bills per year? This figure was released by the Energy Star, the energy conservation program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Your heating and cooling costs contribute to as much as half of that amount. With the simple steps provided below, you can remain comfortable while saving cash on your HVAC bills and safeguarding the environment.

Keep The Heat Out

During the hot summer season, keep your curtains and blinds closed and don’t forget to use window treatments over bigger windows. By blocking sunlight, you will help make your home easier to cool while keeping your North Myrtle Beach heating and cooling system from running frequently.

Use Nature’s Free Energy

During the cold winter season, you may want to pull back the curtains and open the blinds to let the sun naturally warm your home. Close the curtains on the part of your home that is shady.

Leave Your Thermostat Alone

Constantly changing the settings of the thermostat will only waste a lot of energy. You should think about getting a programmable thermostat that will adjust the temperature automatically at preset times. If you use this properly, it can help you cut costs on your energy bills. You have to change the temperature in such a way that it will run less every time there is no one at home or everyone is soundly sleeping.

Keep Heating and Cooling Energy Where It Should Be

Don’t forget that you are not working hard to earn money just to keep your attic and the crawlspace comfortable. You pay as much as you are willing to for your energy bills to keep you and your family feeling comfortable when you are at home. That means getting the heat and cool air in areas where it is needed. So be sure to check your ductwork for possible leaks as well as damages.

Make Your House Air Tight

Be sure that your home is air tight. That means sealing air leaks at drafty doors as well as caulk or weatherstrip windows. Add the right amount of new insulation. Although you will be spending some cash upfront, it will eventually pay for itself when you notice a reduction in your heating and cooling cost.

Don’t Let Energy Escape

Running your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans constantly will cause your heating and cooling unit to work harder.

Keep HVAC System Clean

A filthy HVAC system can lead to a lot of issues. Be sure to change your air filters every month and keep the outdoor unit clean and free of obstructions and debris.

Change Old HVAC System

In case your house is running on a heating and cooling system that is already past its useful life, you have to consider having it replaced with a new HVAC system.

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