Knowing When HVAC Maintenance Is Needed

heating and airThe last thing that you would want to happen in the middle of summer is for your air conditioning system to break down. The same could be said with your heating system in the winter. Preventive maintenance is the key to prevent your heating and air conditioning from sudden breakdowns. But how do you know when maintenance is needed? How can you tell when it is already time to call the HVAC contractor?

Below are some of the common signs that show your HVAC needs maintenance:

Cooling is no longer sufficient

You can easily tell that your air conditioning system is no longer running well when cooling no longer satisfies your needs. This could be due to a number of reasons. Below are some reasons for hampered cooling:

  • Dirty air filter – your air conditioning system circulates air in order to control the temperature. However, a dirty air filter can restrict airflow which then limits the cooling capacity of the system.
  • Dirty condenser and evaporator coils – the inside and outside units or the evaporator and condenser coils are responsible for the heat transfer. If they are dirty, they no longer permit efficient cooling.
  • Low refrigerant levels – if there’s a leak in the copper piping, refrigerant levels will run low. This will effectively reduce the cooling capacity of the system.

For cooling concerns, call your HVAC contractor immediately. Heating and cooling issues are easier to fix when they first appear.

Weak airflow

Poor airflow results from a dirty air filter or clogged vents and registers. In some cases, the compressor unit might also be faulty. Either way, you should contact an expert like NMB HVAC Pros to fix the problem.

Faulty thermostat

In some instances, the entire system might be working fine except for the thermostat. If you have an older thermostat, consider upgrading to newer, more advanced ones that can be programmed and has better functions.

Unnecessary noise

It’s normal to hear some level of noise while the system is in operation. However, if the noise is too loud, you should contact your heating contractor North Myrtle Beach. HVAC systems are designed to run quietly. If your system is acting up and produces weird noises, you should have it checked immediately. Any banging noise or screeching often indicates a problem with some moving parts.

Bad odor coming from the unit

If your HVAC system is blowing foul smells, you should have it checked right away. There could be a problem somewhere in the system that is causing the foul odors. Oftentimes, musty smells result from mold growth. The ducts could be compromised and must be cleaned. For a more accurate reading, have an HVAC contractor look into the problem. The heating and cooling technician will be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

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