HVAC: What Is A SEER Rating?

HVACShopping for a new HVAC system can be a bit of a challenge. There are different factors that come into play that you need to be aware of. In general, you should be able to distinguish what make and model is worth your money. Factors like energy efficiency is very important when buying an HVAC system. Basically, your heating and cooling system at home is what eats up most of the energy in the household. It only makes sense to choose the best in terms of energy efficiency. And this is where SEER ratings come in.

What is a SEER rating and why is it important when buying appliances?

SEER basically stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. What does it mean for my system? When you own an HVAC North Myrtle Beach system, you would already know just how much energy it takes to power it. The same goes for stand-alone heaters and air conditioners. Anything that produces heat or cooling is bound to eat up a huge chunk of electricity. When you purchase new appliances, they come with a SEER rating, especially for air conditioning units and heaters.

When you buy an HVAC system, a higher SEER rating is what you want. A higher SEER rating basically tells you how efficient a system is. As the system grows more energy-efficient, the SEER rating also rises. This is one thing that you need to be acquainted with to ensure that you are not only buying a good system but also a highly efficient one.

Other means of keeping HVAC energy costs low

Invest on a good thermostat – When you come to think of it, a programmable thermostat only costs around $50 to $200. With that in mind, it’s quite cheap to purchase a new thermostat than bear the inconveniences of having to manually readjust your settings at different times of the year. Not only that, older, but non-programmable thermostats also don’t give you any options other than setting the temperature. Remember, it’s just one setting that you are able to set.

Hire a contractor for maintenance – New heating and cooling units require a significant investment and energy bills are high enough that you can’t afford to have an inefficient unit that can increase your expenses even more. An HVAC contractor can provide you with services like cleaning and inspecting your unit in the fall season to make sure that your heater is working correctly. This will not only extend the life of your system but also save you a lot of cash on your energy bill.

Observer maintenance schedules – Correct maintenance procedures can mean the difference between a properly working HVAC unit and one that fails to provide adequate heating and cooling. To maintain proper working conditions whenever you need cooling or heating, regular maintenance is necessary. An improperly working HVAC unit will not only provide you with discomfort, but it will also increase your electricity bill as well. In case of frequent problems, call a contractor like NMB HVAC Pros.

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