HVAC Tips – Installing A New Air Conditioner To Reduce Energy Consumption

HVACIn areas of the United States with intense summer heat, air conditioning is the only solace anyone could have at home. However, there’s a downside to cranking up the air conditioning during summer. Of course, heating and cooling take up the majority of the energy consumption in any home. Lowering temperatures will only increase energy consumption. If you have an older HVAC, chances are, you have an older air conditioning unit as well. If you really want to have the best of both worlds, comfort, and lower energy consumption, it might be time you considered upgrading your air condition unit.

Things you should know when making the switch to a more energy-efficient air conditioning system

  1. Going for a bigger SEER rating and why

If you’ve ever shopped around for an air conditioning unit before, you might have come across the term SEER. It basically stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. This rating is how your North Myrtle Beach HVAC and air conditioning units are graded. The higher the SEER rating, the better and more energy-efficient the unit is. Most air conditioning units are required to have at least a 13-14 SEER. There are other units that reach an even higher number. Obviously, you should go for a higher rating. On the other hand, it may cost you more money for the purchase but will slowly make up for the cost in energy savings later on.

  1. Calculating the size of the air conditioner

An air conditioning unit is only good at its job when it is installed in a room that meets its capacity. This is where it gets tricky. If you’re the average homeowner like everyone else, it might seem difficult to figure out just how big of an air conditioning unit you need. For this part, you can always hire experts like NMB HVAC Pros for assistance. It is important that you get the right size of the air conditioning unit for your home. Too big of a unit and you would have too much capacity that will not be fully utilized. Buying one that’s of lower capacity than what you need would not provide the comfort you desire. That’s why it is important to find the right balance between home real estate and the capacity of the air conditioning unit.

  1. Providing proper maintenance

A new air conditioning unit that has a high SEER rating and has the right capacity will work great for a long time. However, it won’t continue working accordingly without proper maintenance. Always be aware of the right time to perform HVAC maintenance. There are different ways on how to accomplish this. The first is to do the maintenance yourself. The second option is to hire an HVAC contractor to perform maintenance. While there are things that you can do to improve the efficiency of your system, it is recommended to have the entire maintenance done by experts for a more thorough job.

  1. Hiring the right experts

There are a lot of people that would offer HVAC services. However, it is recommended to hire only an expert, licensed, and reputable HVAC technician. Other than being able to perform the maintenance correctly, hiring the right professional will be a way of protecting your investment. After all, a new air conditioning unit is not cheap.

Are you planning on making an HVAC upgrade? Don’t run the risk of making mistakes! Hire NMB HVAC Pros for the best heating and cooling services. You may reach us at (843) 353-4089 for more information about our products and services.

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