Are HVAC Service Contracts A Waste Of Money

North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractorIn case you are installing a new HVAC system or fixing an older one, several companies provide an extended HVAC maintenance agreement or service contract. These contracts could be a blessing, however, they could likewise be a terrible waste of money. By knowing more about what exactly these contracts are and what can they offer you so you can make a wise and informed decision.

What You Need To Know About Heating and Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Service contracts are basically agreements between the North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor and you wherein you have to cover a set fee to guarantee the ongoing services of the company for your HVAC system.

With the standard contracts, the service will include a tuneup and checkup that emphasizes your heating system at the beginning of the winter and air conditioner well before summer. There are also contracts including parts as well as service for issues discovered during those inspections and some will also include emergency service.

They in some cases include priority treatment, which can help you save you the discomfort and some time when your heater malfunctions in the freezing cold or your air conditioning system blows out in the heat of summer. You also have to remember that the more services the contract has, the more you will have to pay.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

In case you buy a service contract, you will more likely obtain an annual tune up for your HVAC system. This will boost your energy efficiency, as the HVAC contractor will be able to replace dirty filters and discover other problems that are affecting your efficiency, assist your system to work more cost effectively overall. Hiring a qualified HVAC contractor to check your system a couple of times every year means you can determine issues while they are still easy to fix, instead of waiting until they destroy your system or become too expensive.

Cost For HVAC Service Agreements May Be More Expensive Than Repair

The primary reason homeowners do not want to buy an HVAC service contract is its associated cost, which commonly depends on what services are being given. In case the system is still new and under the manufacturer’s warranty, the cost might not be worthwhile at all. Any major fixes must be covered under the warranty. However, a few manufacturers need routine maintenance as part of the warranty. The contract might cost even more than the repair or service it offers. Remember that you will be paying the cost annually regardless of whether you have had a repair done. In case your system managed to go for years without requiring a major repair but still paying $250 every year for the service contract, then you are definitely paying much more than what it is worth.

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