3 Main Reasons Why You Should Have A Separate HVAC Inspection When Buying A Home

HVAC inspection

It’s only natural to pull all the stops when buying a home. A real estate investment is a major one. That’s why potential home buyers would do all they can to make sure their money is invested securely. When buying a home, always make sure to have all the necessary checks done. This involves getting a separate HVAC inspection as well. While a general home inspection gives you a detailed review of the home you plan to buy, it may not include everything you need to know.

Why you should opt for an HVAC inspection

A North Myrtle Beach HVAC system consists of different components that make the heating, cooling, and ventilation work seamlessly. An HVAC system also costs thousands of dollars to purchase. Repairs and maintenance will also cost you money. If you find a home and plan to purchase it, be sure that a separate HVAC inspection is done. Here are three reasons why:

Heating and cooling takes up almost 50% of your energy bill

Keeping cool in the middle of summer or staying cozy in the winter requires a lot of energy. As Energy Star puts it, your heating and cooling system eats up nearly half of your annual energy bill. When you put that into perspective, you are paying a lot of money to keep your home comfortable to live in. It would make all the sense to make sure that the HVAC system is working appropriately before you sign any transfer papers.

The standard home inspection does not include an in-depth HVAC inspection

A general home inspection is enlightening as it reveals a number of things about the home you plan to buy. However, it is limited in certain ways. For instance, a home inspector will only turn the heat pump on and off as well as check the air conditioning if it works. Other than that, there might not be more tests to be done. If you want to have an in-depth inspection, hire an HVAC contractor. It’s the only way you can make sure that the heating and cooling system works.

An HVAC system is expensive

There’s no denying how expensive an HVAC system is. A new one will cost anywhere from $4,000 up to $12,000. That’s a lot of money even in today’s market. On the other hand, an HVAC inspection is a far cry from what an HVAC would cost. An inspection is necessary and will provide an important means of protecting your future investment.

How much will an HVAC inspection cost?

An HVAC inspection will cost you anywhere from $200 to $600. The inspection cost will depend on the size of the house that needs to be checked.

Who should perform the HVAC inspection?

Only a professional technician such as NMB HVAC Pros is allowed to do so. Only hire an accredited HVAC professional to perform the inspection. This is to make sure that the inspection is done accordingly and that nothing is missed out.

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