HVAC 101 – Should Ducts Be Replaced When Getting A New System?

HVAC systemBuying a new HVAC system is expensive. It’s one of the many reasons why a lot of consumers would choose to keep their existing ductwork. Taking out the existing ductwork and fitting a new one costs a lot of money and time. There are pros and cons to replacing or keeping the existing ductwork. Here are some insights on whether you should keep or replace your ducts:

Get the advice of an HVAC contractor before buying a new HVAC system

First of all, let’s talk about why you should keep your existing ductwork. In general, adding new ducts is expensive. Aside from that, you would need a lot of man hours to complete the removal of the old units and installing the new ones. It would be possible to continue using your existing ducts if there is no damage to them. Another thing to consider is the make and model of the system you are planning to buy. If you are going to purchase a similar system to your old one, you may be able to get away with your current ductwork. Let’s now focus on why you should have new ducts installed.

No ducts in the attic – did you know that the attic could remain warm or cold despite temperature control inside the house? Without ductwork in the attic, energy consumption in your home could increase. Installing ducts in the attic would help cut energy costs. When there is enough air circulation in the attic, the temperature inside the whole house is controlled which makes the HVAC system run smoother and more efficient by 25-30%.

System mismatch – one of the problems with fitting a new system with old ducts is the chance of a mismatch. HVAC systems must work harmoniously. Each area of the system must complement the other. For instance, if the ducts don’t provide enough airflow for the new system, it would limit the efficiency in general. The lifespan of the system would also be affected due to the mismatch. Even sealed ductwork systems could allow dust and dirt over time which also leads to a reduction in efficiency. Before getting a new system, always ask your HVAC contractor if it is necessary for you to replace your existing ductwork.

Go for ductless systems – if you’re looking for a more efficient solution, you could go for ductless solutions. You could ask your local North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor for assistance regarding the matter. It is of course, dependent on the type of house you have. The contractor would first need to inspect your house and provide you with the most suitable option.

Hiring an expert HVAC contractor like NMB HVAC Pros is important. Some homes, especially the older ones, would need a bit of inspecting before deciding on a particular unit. You just can’t slap in a new unit with an old duct system without getting to know if everything fits correctly or if the system would run efficiently as needed. A proper inspection should be done first and only by professionals.

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