HVAC 101 – Reasons Why Duct Leaks Are Dangerous

HVAC repairMost of the time, homeowners are only aware of the problems in their HVAC system from the components that are visible. However, problems could also start from areas that are tucked away, just like the ductwork in your home. Leaks in the ductwork can lead to serious problems down the line if such issues are not detected sooner. Here are the reasons why HVAC duct leaks are dangerous and why you should hire an HVAC contractor.

An improperly working HVAC system could cost you a lot of money

Financial dangers – in general, your HVAC system can take up a huge chunk of your energy bill each year. With this in mind, you would easily get an idea of just how much energy the entire system takes up. When there are components of the system that are not working accordingly, the efficiency goes down. This then translates to increased energy costs. For instance, when there are leaks in the ductwork, some of the air that is supposed to lead to certain spaces would be redirected. This makes the system work harder than it normally would. Financially, this is a huge burden. Not to mention the reduced comfort that this would entail. It is one reason why professional HVAC repair in North Myrtle Beach is needed and is highly recommended.

Health concerns – leaks in the ductwork don’t directly have any health impacts. However, the complications that come with the leaks are the ones that could potentially be damaging to one’s health. Basically, when hot and cold air meets, this creates condensation. This condensation then becomes a breeding ground for mold. Once the mold is given a place to proliferate, this then reduces the air quality which could be hazardous for the health of the inhabitants inside the home. What’s even more troublesome is the repair that needs to be done once the ducts that connect to the HVAC system has leaks.

Problems with the system – when the leaks in the ducts go unnoticed for a long time, the HVAC system would have then exerted more effort to maintain the desired temperatures within the home. Basically, the system will be overworked and would be prone to problems. However, this could be averted if the leaks in the ductwork are detected right away. Also, it would be best if the leaks were repaired by a certified HVAC contractor.

Why should you hire a professional HVAC contractor?

Aside from having all the necessary training and experience for fixing problems with your system, an HVAC contractor would have all the equipment needed. Also, the contractor would be able to assess the situation and tell you just what caused the problem, the extent of the issue, the repairs needed, and how to prevent future problems. These are some reason why hiring a contractor is the best idea. When you encounter problems with your HVAC system, calling an HVAC contractor like NMB HVAC Pros is the better option than DIY repair.

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