HVAC Basics – Ductwork Maintenance

HVACMaintaining your ductwork is one of the services that your local HVAC contractor offers. Your ducts not only pass air throughout the house, it also serves as an entryway for pathogens. That’s why it is important to make sure that your ducts are always clean. Aside from that, ducts must also be sealed properly to prevent air from escaping, which leads to poor temperature control and added stress on your HVAC system. Here are some reasons why you should have periodic maintenance for your ducts.

HVAC and ductwork maintenance

It is important that the maintenance of both HVAC systems and ductwork be carried out by none other than a professional North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor. The reason is simple, licensed contractors do a better job in general, they have all the necessary equipment, and they have insurance to back them up in case anything goes wrong during the entire process. Here’s why ductwork maintenance is key:

  1. Better air circulation – the main purpose of ducts is to carry air from one point to another while isolation that air, making sure it is not tainted from the source to the destination. However, dirt ducts mean clogs and poor air quality. To ensure that air quality and airflow is at their optimum levels, the ducts must be regularly cleaned. Debris could settle down on the ridges of the ducts which could, later on, have a negative impact on the system and the health of the people living in the house.
  1. Better HVAC system performance – HVAC systems are reliant on well-installed ducts to move air from one point to another. When ducts are regularly maintained, they make the system perform efficiently. If there are any leaks on the ducts, it should be fixed right away. Leaks make the HVAC system work harder. It normally takes more power to produce the same heating and cooling effect which translates to higher energy bills. Clean and well-maintained ducts mean an efficient HVAC system and lower energy bills.
  1. Enhanced system lifespan – your HVAC system is rated to last for a specific number of years. The system could either last above, below, or at the estimated lifespan. If you want to exceed the lifespan of your HVAC system, you should maintain it regularly. Aside from this, you should also make sure that your duct system is fully cleaned and is sealed shut with no leaks.
  1. Easier diagnosis – a well-functioning duct system makes diagnosing problems faster and more efficient. In order to diagnose problems with the HVAC unit, it involves checking the ductwork for any leaks. With proper and periodic maintenance, the HVAC technician can easily say that the ducts have no problem and can look for the issue somewhere else.
  1. Prevent health problems – since ducts and HVAC systems deal with moving air in and out of the house, they boss should be properly cleaned and maintained. Airborne diseases can easily breach defenses if the ductwork and HVAC systems aren’t maintained well enough. Always consider having your HVAC system maintained by experts like NMB HVAC Pros.

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