HVAC 101 – Determining Issues That Call For Professional Care

HVAC repairIf you’ve owned an HVAC system that has quite a number of years on it, you would have encountered some problems along the way. When problems arise, you just don’t call a technician right away for HVAC repair. Although it’s a good thing to always have it in consideration there are problems that you could fix yourself. But what are the HVAC problems that you could resolve yourself and those that you can’t? Read on to find out more.

Common HVAC problems and how to fix them

  1. System fails to run – this is probably one of the most common concerns that HVAC owners would encounter. There could be a number of reasons why your HVAC system won’t run. It could either be because of tripped breakers, faulty thermostat settings, a faulty thermostat, a problem with the HVAC system itself, or some random electrical concern.

To deal with this kind of problem, you should first check the main electrical panel. It’s always a good idea to start from there. Check if the breakers have been tripped. If so, simply flip the breaker on and see if the HVAC unit turns on. In addition, check your thermostat and put in fresh batteries. You should check your thermostat settings as well. If you’ve followed through these steps without any good results, call your HVAC contractor for assistance.

  1. System keeps on running – another issue that commonly occurs with HVAC systems is that it keeps running. One reason why this happens is extreme heat. When the temperature outside the house is too high, the inside temperature will likely rise. In such cases, the HVAC system will try to maintain a suitable temperature range. Some other causes for this may include dirty filters and bad thermostat settings.

To fix this, check whether the air filter needs replacing or not. When the air filter gets too dirty, it restricts the flow of air, making the HVAC system work harder for longer. Always do routine checks on your air filters to make sure everything is working accordingly. Also, make sure that your thermostat settings are dialed in correctly.

When is the right time to skip DIY repair and call a professional?

  1. When you notice some unusual odors coming from your HVAC unit, you should call it in right away. Any burning smell indicates a problem with the system’s hardware. When odors such as burning plastic if noticed, turn the HVAC unit off immediately and call your HVAC contractor.
  1. Unusual sounds – your HVAC unit will be bound to make a certain sound. However, it will not include sounds like banging, metal scraping, popping, or thumping. If you hear any of these sounds, you should call in an expert and have it looked at. Discontinue use until a professional arrives. Continued usage may extend the damage.
  1. Breaker trips constantly – if the circuit breaker trips constantly, there is something wrong with your HVAC unit. The inner workings of the system may have some defect which normal homeowners won’t have ready access. Professionals like NMB HVAC Pros can tell you what’s wrong with the unit and present you with the best solution.

Call NMB HVAC Pros if you need expert help in installing, repairing, or maintaining your HVAC unit.

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