How Homeowners Benefit From HVAC Upgrades

North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractorAre you still using your old HVAC system from a decade ago? Are you constantly calling in your North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor because you’ve got some sort of heating or cooling issues? Don’t let your system die on you before you replace it. And older system will add to your utility bills each year. Not only that, it will add more costs due to constant repairs.

Getting a newer Energy Star-rated unit can save you as much as $200 annually and it makes your home far more comfortable than it was with your older system. Although the savings might be too small if you factor in the cost to buy a new system, the convenience of a more efficient HVAC will definitely be worth it. In case you go for an upgrade, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Make sure these things are working as intended

Before you go ahead and upgrade your HVAC system, be sure that you have a properly insulated and well-sealed duct work. Also, be sure to have a properly programmed thermostat. Remember, HVAC systems work at its best when other components attached to it are also working as intended.

Pick the right system

If your HVAC contractor gives you the green light for an upgrade, you have a bunch of choices depending on where you live. In the U.S. buying a new HVAC system would mean purchasing a particular unit based off of your location. For most of the country, it is more efficient to combine an electric cooling unit with a natural gas furnace. Meanwhile, for areas with a moderate climate, heat pumps are your best bet.

Although repairing and replacing parts is an option, it wouldn’t sit too well if your unit is a decade old. Older units are far less efficient and other parts could break down eventually. Always go for newer units that have higher efficiency ratings. Energy Star models are often more efficient than standard models by around 10-15%, which is a lot of money if you convert it to annual bills.

Pick the right size

Size is important when it comes to HVAC systems. Installing a unit with lesser capacity than what your home requires would be less efficient even if the unit has a high-efficiency rating. Also, if you happen to buy a higher capacity unit, far beyond than what you need, it also has some drawbacks. HVAC systems dehumidify the air in your home. And with a bigger unit, it quickly cools the air without completely dehumidifying it, leaving room for mold to grow.

Be sure to let professionals handle the installation

When HVAC systems are installed incorrectly, it can reduce efficiency by as much as 30%. In a nutshell, you should hire reputable professionals for the job. Although you may have bought a new and efficient unit, installation is an entirely different thing. That’s where man meets machine and efficiency now relies on how well the system is installed into your home. So be sure to hire the right contractor for the job to get the best out of your HVAC system.

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