Common Heat Pump Problems During Cold Weather

heat pumpA heat pump is a unit that works both as a heater and air conditioner, thus helping you save energy and space. In case you own a furnace and it is at the end of its lifespan, you should think of installing an energy-efficient heat pump. Because heat pumps are just like central air systems, they can work well with your current ductwork. Always remember that there are ductless mini-split heat pumps that do not use air ducts. Now that you know what a heat pump is, you should be aware of the common heat pump problems especially those that happen during colder seasons.

You can fix these problems yourself or you can hire a contractor that offers heat pump repair services:

Not Enough Heat

If you recently installed a North Myrtle Beach heat pump, you might be shocked that the heat produced by the unit is not as strong as that generated by a furnace. There is nothing wrong with your unit. It is just how it works. Although the heat is not as intense, heat pumps circulate heat more evenly throughout your house. They will operate longer and at a level that is more sustainable, which means you do not have to turn it on and off all the time. Plus, there will no longer be those annoyingly strong gusts of air and hot/cold spots.

Because of the difficulty in taking heat from the cold outdoor setting, there are heat pump owners that prefer to have a supplemental heating unit to make them feel more comfortable. Several people install heat pumps along with space heaters or some kind of adapted boiler, furnace, or even an oil burner system. You may contact your local HVAC contractor for advice on the perfect solution for your household.

Iced Outdoor Unit

In case your outdoor condensing system is all iced up, its airflow will become restricted and it will lead to a struggling system that might end up causing costly damages. In case there is light ice, it must go away very soon. However, if the ice stays for a long time, then you have to deal with it right away.

The most common way to fix a frozen heat pump is by operating it in the defrost cycle. It generally switches on automatically at scheduled intervals or whenever the system detects frost, but some units feature a defrost option. The defrost cycle will reverse the heat pump into an air conditioning mode so it could pump heat towards the outdoor system unit it freezes.

No Air Or Cold Air

You have to make perfectly sure that all vents are open so that proper air movement is encouraged. Don’t close the vents and registers in your house so you can keep the heat in a single spot in your house. This solution could seem smart at times however, it can create undesired pressure in the system and could lead to problems like duct leaks as well as system failure. In case you feel cold air is blowing from the vents, then it is possible that the heat pump is in defrost mode. It is normal if you do not have an additional heating system. A defrost cycle can last about 15 minutes and then heat will be circulated once again. If all else fails, call NMB HVAC Pros for professional and reliable heating and cooling services.

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