Is Your Heat Pump Making Funny Noises?

heat pumpHave been noticing that your heat pump is making noises that it doesn’t normally produce? If so, these sounds often are tell-tale signs that something is wrong with the system. However, these noises don’t often indicate the severity of the problem or if it is enough to cause for alarm. On the other hand, any sound out of the ordinary coming from your heat pump should be addressed by a professional HVAC technician. For more information about heat pump issues, check out the rest of the article below.

Strange heat pump noises and what they possibly mean

Heat pump is generating loud noises

When your heat pump is producing noise louder than usual, it could be because the unit is in defrost mode. It may run for a while but it is not cause for concern. The compressor is also working hard which is also one source of the loud noise.

Loud noise during startup or shutdown

When you power your heat pump North Myrtle Beach, SC on and off, it might make some weird noises that you might find alarming. If you aren’t accustomed to hearing these noises, you’d think that there is something wrong with the system. You’ll get used to these noises in a short while. However, if the system is making newer sounds that you haven’t heard before, you might want to call your HVAC technician to come and check it out. Although there’s no guarantee that issues could be found, calling a professional for an inspection is way cheaper than having to pay for repairs later on.

Loud screeching noise

When you hear screeching, metal-to-metal noise, turn the unit off immediately. Check the unit and see if the fan is hitting something. Usually, there might be something in the way of the fan blades that is causing the noise. The heat pumps should never produce any noise that sounds like two pieces of metal rubbing against each other. Again, call your HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection of the unit and to find out the actual cause of the noise.

Heat pump is rattling or vibrating

Does your heating and cooling system vibrate a lot? If the heat pump makes a lot of rattling or vibrating noise during operation, it’s not cause for major concern. In most cases, the issue could be fixed by placing rubber padding under the unit to absorb the vibration and reduce the noise. For the rattling sounds, try to check the cover panels and make sure they are screwed firmly. If the problem still persists, the issue might be originating someplace else.

Buzzing, grinding, or gurgling sounds

HVAC systems normally make buzzing noises caused by contactors, coils, and other electrical component. Buzzing isn’t a cause for alarm. However, when you hear grinding or gurgling noises, call NMB HVAC Pros right away. Your system might need some preventive maintenance before things get worse.

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