Can a Heat Pump Help You Save Money?

heat pumpAre you tired of paying huge sums on your energy bill? Heating and cooling costs take up a huge chunk of a household’s energy usage. In fact, heating and cooling costs can be as much as 50% of the overall usage per month. With that said, finding an efficient way to heat and cool your home is one great way of reducing costs. And that’s where a heat pump comes in. While it is called a “heat” pump, it can actually be used to both heat and cool your home. Heat pumps are more efficient than conventional air conditioners and traditional heaters. If energy savings is what you are after, you should consider switching to a heat pump.

Here are some of the benefits out of using a heat pump:

Better efficiency

In general, a heat pump North Myrtle Beach, SC has a higher upfront cost. However, when you factor in the savings you’ll be getting through continued use, you’ll easily see the difference. Depending on the unit you purchase, a heat pump could save you $1,000 on energy costs per year or even more. Be sure to ask your HVAC expert for more information on the best type of heat pump for your home.

Hassle-free maintenance

Maintenance is not an issue when it comes to heat pumps. There are ways on how to easily service your heat pump. Refer to the user’s manual for more information regarding maintenance procedures. As for preventive maintenance, be sure to contact your HVAC contractor once every three to five years or whenever you think there’s a problem with the system.

Safer to operate

Unlike fuel-powered heating systems, heat pumps are safer to use. This makes them perfect for every household. Unlike combustion-based, electronic heat pumps are more efficient, require little maintenance, and are generally safer to use.

Smaller carbon footprint

If you are the kind of person who cares for the environment, you’d be happy to know that heat pumps have a smaller carbon footprint. They typically consume a lesser amount of energy which means they contribute less to carbon emissions brought about by energy generation.

Cooling mode for summer

While it is called a “heat pump,” these systems also come with a cooling mode that is perfect for the warmer months of the year. Unlike conventional air conditioning units, heat pumps can both heating and cooling without any compromises.

Longer lasting compared to counterparts

Again, heat pumps are more expensive than traditional heating systems. However, the high price tag is offset by the longevity and efficiency of the system. If you want to switch to a heat pump, be sure to call NMB HVAC Pros.

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