Tips For Extending The Life Of Your HVAC System

HVACAn HVAC system is the lifeline of any North Myrtle Beach home. A correctly functioning HVAC system will have you time and money by lowering your energy bills, HVAC problems, and seemingly unending service calls for your HVAC system. The lifespan of an HVAC unit is between 12 and 15 years on average. However, with preventive repairs, the unit’s lifespan can be improved by a couple of years and even help you save a lot of cash. Surely, you want to take full control and be sure that your HVAC unit does not only have an improved function but also a longer lifespan. Listed below are six simple tips to help you get started.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance means that your HVAC unit’s performance will be optimized. May it be a discharge pipe check or a filter change, regular or preventive maintenance can greatly help in the smooth operation of your unit. Plus, it’ll add more years to your unit. It is a great idea to schedule the maintenance of your HVAC North Myrtle Beach before the start of every season.

Air Circulation

Your HVAC system will work more effortlessly if it can circulate air without having to worry about any form of obstruction. You have to keep all of the interior doors, including those in less used rooms, open is among the best ways of maintaining proper airflow. Don’t forget to clear the vents, grills, or registers as this can help your North Myrtle Beach HVAC unit properly and freely induce conditioned air in your house. Just be sure to move that furniture piece or the drapes away from the vents or registers to make the job of your unit a lot easier. Good airflow will help lower the accumulation of moisture, which will in return help reduce risk of mold growth and bacterial infection.

Ducts Cleaning

Dust, dirt, and debris will start to build up in the duct system in the long run. This will make the conditioned air passage a little tricky. Additionally, certain gaps might develop as time passes in the duct system, which will let the air to escape even before it gets to your home. A yearly cleaning routine can help deal with these issues. You can use a vacuum cleaner or you can hire an HVAC contractor to help you with the maintenance of your unit.

Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

You may have noticed a part of your HVAC system in your garden or backyard, which appears like a cube with a few coils that are wrapped around it. That’s the coil or condenser unit and it is more susceptible to dust, dirt, debris, leaves, as well as other outdoor factors. A clean and tidy condenser has enough airflow around it, which will facilitate better heat transfer in the coils as well as efficient air cooling inside the house. When cleaning the condenser, you can simply use a brush or you can also hire a technician from NMB HVAC Pros.

These are simple tips that can help you save time and money later on. If you need an HVAC contractor to install, repair, or maintain your unit, don’t hesitate to call NMB HVAC Pros. You may reach us at (843) 353-4089.

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