Easy Guide On Furnace Maintenance This Fall

HVAC contractorFall is among the seasons of the year, if not the only one, that’s best for keeping your HVAC system in check. Of course, that highlights furnace maintenance because it’s mostly going to do most of the work in the colder months. If you live in an area with little snowfall, then you’re lucky because your furnace won’t be cranked up too often. Again, fall is the perfect time for maintaining HAVC systems and your furnace. Call your local HVAC contractor to have your system maintained. If not, here are some tips on how you could maintain your furnace yourself:

Always call a professional if you are not familiar with HVAC maintenance

  1. Take out the combustion chamber door – this is the first step in the process of keeping your furnace in working order throughout the year. Removing the combustion chamber door is relatively easy and is normally held in place with just two screws. Do bear in mind that the number of screws might differ depending on the model that you have.
  1. Check the burner flames – if you notice that there’s a yellow tinge in the flame, you should have your burner cleaned. A clean burner will have blue flames and nothing more. If you see any other problems, call your local HVAC contractor in North Myrtle Beach for assistance.
  1. Vacuum the blower and burner cavities – there will be some dust and dirt in these cavities that need to be vacuumed. However, be cautious enough that no parts would be damaged. Use a thin hose when you vacuum as to not damage any nearby parts. For consistent heating and cooling performance, always keep your system as clean as possible.
  1. Change the furnace filter – a replacement filter will be needed to ensure that the air is free from dust and debris. Always stick to the stock filter. In case you want to switch to more efficient filters, be sure to read the instruction manual for reference. Your HVAC contractor can tell you what type of filter is best used.
  1. Clean the flame sensor – as you continue using your furnace, there will be residue that will settle on the flame sensor. Once this happens and the residue is thick enough, the furnace will not fire up. It’s important to keep the sensor clean at all times. However, if you find that the sensor is not working 100% even after cleaning, you might need to call your HVAC contractor to have it resolved before turning the furnace back on.
  1. Check the drive belt – during lengthy operation periods, there is a possibility that the drive belt will show signs of wear. These signs will indicate whether or not a replacement is necessary. To be more accurate, refer to the instruction manual for reference. Or better yet, consult your HVAC contractor about the drive belt for better results.
  1. Consider hiring a professional – in general, it’s not that easy to keep your furnace maintained. There are a lot of parts that need to be accounted for. If you miss one step in particular, it could leave possibilities for damage. That’s one thing that you don’t want to happen. It’s always best to leave the maintenance to the experts like NMB HVAC Pros. Doing so will protect your system and extend its longevity and years of service.

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