DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips

air conditioner repairCalling in a professional who provides air conditioner repair services can be very expensive especially if you are on a shoestring budget. Of course, there will be instances when a costly repair cannot be avoided, but you can always try to fix your system first, before hiring an expert.

Most of the time, your system isn’t working due to the simplest of reasons. It can be quite frustrating to pay hundreds of dollars just to have an HVAC contractor fix an issue that you could have done yourself for free. There are a few easy and quick checks you can do before you hire an expert.

Check Your Breaker

In case your air conditioning system won’t switch on at all, it might be because of a tripped breaker. In case you have a lot of appliances, lights, and other electrical units that are connected on the same breaker often, it might trip and cause your AC unit to stop working. This is a simple check that can save you not only money but also embarrassment and frustration.

Check Your Thermostat

This another component of your system that cost you a lot of cash and distress. In case your unit is battery operated, you might just need new ones. Be sure to set the thermostat at a temperature that’s below room temperature. Make sure that your system isn’t set to fan or is turned off.

Change Your Filter

Several North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repairs can be prevented by changing your filter regularly. In case your filter is clogged and filthy, it can lead to various problems in your system. Insufficient airflow can lead to inefficient cooling. A clogged filter may also cause your system to ice up. You have to check and change the filters regularly.

Melt Any Ice

In case your system has iced up, the unit won’t be able to operate properly. One thing you can do is to melt the ice. Turn off the system and run the fan to melt the ice. You can also turn off the unit and allow the ice to melt on its own.

Clean The Unit Properly

Usually the unit might just be filthy. Rather than opting for an air conditioner repair, the system might just need to be cleaned. Clean the fan blades and get rid of debris near or within the unit. You also have to clean the condenser. But you have to careful when working with the blades and fins because they can easily bend and break. Additionally, be sure that you turn off the HVAC unit first before doing anything with it.

Check The Ducts

If climbing into your attic does not bother you at all then you should go and check the ducts to determine if air is coming out of them correctly. In case they’re filthy enough to obstruct air flow, then you really have to give them a good cleaning. There some instances as well when a register has been closed partially or all the way by accident. A cursory check is necessary to make sure that air is flowing properly without any obstruction.

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