Basic Heat Pump Repair Tips

heat pump repairAs the temperatures drop, homeowners are searching for heat pump repair and maintenance tips. These are some tips to remember.

Heat pump problems are usually caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. To determine if your thermostat is defective, you need to know how to fix it. Continue reading if your thermostat is not heating/cooling properly, does not cycle on/off, or freezes. These can be repaired by an HVAC contractor.

The Heat Pump Doesn’t Run

It could be the thermostat or the power supply. You can fix the problem by doing several things. You should first make sure the thermostat is at the right temperature. The thermostat may not be set correctly, or the wrong type. You should also ensure that the heat pump has enough power.

Subpanels should be checked before you replace the main electrical panel. Reset any tripped circuit breaker. It could be an electrical short if it trips again. If it trips again, you should contact a professional electrician. You may also consult an expert like NMB HVAC Pros for other possible issues.

Make sure that the heat pump’s power switch has been turned on. It is possible that the circuit breaker or fuse protecting the elements of the heat pump have blown or been tripped if they are providing supplemental heat.

It won’t heat or cool correctly

If your heat pump isn’t cooling or heating properly, you must first set the thermostat correctly. Make sure that all rooms registers have been opened. You should inspect the heat pump filter. Replace the filter immediately if it is damaged. Also, ensure that your auxiliary heating elements work properly. Make sure to clean the coils around your condensing unit. Contact an HVAC contractor if these do not work. It is possible that the blower is not working correctly or that the unit is out of balance.

The Heat Pump Blower doesn’t work

Problems could arise from the thermostat that is mounted on the wall or the limit switch of the heat pump. If you need North Myrtle Beach heat pump repair, turn off the power. You can access the blower by removing the door from the top of your cabinet. You will need to remove the number from the belt if you have to replace it. Next, attach the belt to the smaller pulley. Next, turn on the motor and connect the belt to the blower pulley. Turn the blower pulley manually. Then, slide the belt onto the smaller pulley. You may have to adjust the motor mount if the belt is too tight.

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