The Average Life Expectancy Of An HVAC System

HVACLiving comfortably in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter is only possible with an efficient HVAC system. It is an integral part of everyday living. However, nothing lasts forever. The big question now is how long does an HVAC unit last? Can it even reach its estimated life expectancy? There’s a lot of things that go into making an HVAC system last a long duration. Proper usage and maintenance are among them. However, even with constant maintenance, the system may still encounter problems that could shorten its lifespan.

Here are the rated lifespan of individual HVAC components:

Heat pumps – on average, heat pumps could last up to 20 years. Of course, that will only be possible if it is in a controlled environment and if proper maintenance is observed. A well-made heat pump can even last up to 50 years with all the perfect conditions.

Air conditioning unit – with maintenance of at least twice a year, an air conditioning system could last 15 years. If you want to protect your investment and keep your heating and cooling system running for a long time, keep it maintained. Also, hire a reliable contractor like NMB HVAC Pros to make sure your system is in good hands.

Tankless water heater – on average, tankless water heaters could last for up to 20 years. The expected lifespan could be lower or higher depending on the quality of the unit you have. It is also advised to have your unit maintained at least once every three years or as required by the manufacturer.

Gas and electric water heater – when compared to a tankless setup, regular water heaters can only last half as long at just 10 years. The reason for this is the way this type of system works. Instead of simply running water through heating elements, the traditional water heaters hold a certain amount of water and heat it up. Although this will provide a bigger capacity, it also increases the required maintenance.

Thermostat – you’d wait a very long time before you would need to replace your thermostat. They can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance. However, as the years progress, newer, more efficient models are being sold in the market. It’s only a matter of time before a suitable upgrade comes along. HVAC North Myrtle Beach experts also suggest switching to programmable thermostats for ease of use.

When you are planning to get a new HVAC system, always go for the quality. Although there’s a huge chance you are going to pay extra, it will be worth every penny. Also, be sure that you consult an HVAC contractor for the purchase and installation of the new system. They can help you out with what you need to purchase and they could do every bit of the installation. Lastly, always keep your system maintained. If you can’t manage to do the maintenance on your own, hire an expert who can.

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