Are Separate HVAC Inspections Necessary?

heating and coolingThere are two main reasons why top-rated HVAC contractors recommend separate, regular maintenance checkups of your heating and cooling systems. Although some homeowners think that they can save more money and time by having their air conditioning and furnace checked at the same time, experts say that it is better to have them inspected separately, about six months apart.

HVAC Maintenance and why it is important

It is important to note as well that even though these units are two separate appliances, they share several components like ductwork and wiring. So, although an HVAC contractor focuses on your furnace during the colder season and the air conditioning system in summer or spring, he will be able to look for existing and potential problems in the shared components during their visit.

It is also not advisable to go too long between inspections. Trying to save money by skipping routine checks and consolidating North Myrtle Beach HVAC inspections is are like driving your car extra miles between the suggested oil changes. You may see some financial gain and encounter no issues in the short term, but you are also increasing your risk of experiencing long term loss if something goes wrong later on.

Keep in mind that North Myrtle Beach heating and cooling systems are essential home components, consisting of several moving parts that function continuously. Over time, these parts deteriorate and dirt and dust can build up throughout the course of several months. If anything goes wrong, it can be very serious and expensive. Having the system inspected separately in a six-month interval will help catch problems early and have them corrected right away.

Additionally, if you wait for another six months before repairing an issue in your HVAC system, even if your unit is still functional, could cause it to operate less efficiently and work harder than it is supposed to, eventually shortening its lifespan and increasing your monthly utility bills.

The time of the year is also important to your HVAC inspections. Ideally, your units have to be checked near the time when you will be using them the most. In terms of hiring an HVAC contractor for the inspections, you need to make sure that you choose a bonded, insured, and licensed professional like NMB HVAC Pros that has positive reviews both online and offline. Aside from that, good technicians will do more than just replace your filter. They will also inspect the wiring, ducts, motors, drains, evaporator coils, among other things, to make sure that your system is always in good working condition.

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