Air Conditioner Repair Tips All Homeowners Should Know

air conditioner repairA broken air conditioning unit will give you a bad day, especially on a hot day. Just imagine you are in the middle of summer and your AC just breaks down on you for no apparent reason. Of course, the best thing to do during which is to call professionals for air conditioner repair. However, when you are in a pinch and don’t have the time to spare to look for an AC repair company and wait for them to arrive, there are still a number of things that you can do. Of course, all of this circles around troubleshooting your AC to solve the problem.

Things to do when your AC unit breaks down

One of the first areas that you should check is your thermostat. Is the thermostat working? Does it have the correct settings? Is it even powered on, to begin with? These are just some questions that you need to ask yourself when troubleshooting your AC unit. First, take out the thermostat batteries and replace them with fresh ones. If the thermostat powers on, you’re chances of reviving your AC are getting better. If not, call an HVAC contractor to have it fixed right away.

Another thing that you need to check is the power to the system. Turn the fan switch from ‘auto’ to ‘on’. This will switch the fan on regardless of the thermostat setting, which will indicate power. If the blower turns on, it confirms there is power in the system and you can check elsewhere for the problem. If the blower fails to turn on, this may indicate either burned controls or the power has been disconnected. If you have no clue as to how this can be repaired, contact your HVAC contractor.

In case the problem is with cooling, you need to look in different places. If there is power in the system and the thermostat is working properly, the culprit may be the condenser and the refrigerant lines. The copper pipes that lead in and out of the condenser may have been compromised. Older systems may have incurred some sort of damage or ma have already degraded to the extent where the refrigerant is leaking. The problem could spring from somewhere else entirely.

If cooling is the problem, the compressor may have something to do with it. If the fans continue blowing air but not cooling, the compressor may not be doing its part in circulating the refrigerant around the copper tubing. In such cases, your best option to have it resolved is to contact a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor.

Unfortunately, when it comes to problematic compressors and copper tubing, this is beyond DIY troubleshooting. You should contact an HVAC specialist like NMB HVAC Pros and have it repaired immediately. Some repairs may take a while to finish, which is why you should have it checked out right away. Most of the time, AC problems can be solved with simple DIY troubleshooting steps. However, in more complex cases, a professional may need to step in and fix the issue.

Call NMB HVAC Pros if you need expert help in installing, repairing, or maintaining your HVAC unit.

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