HVAC 101 – 9 Questions You Need To Ask Your HVAC Contractor

HVAC contractorYour HVAC system will require maintenance for at least twice a year with following periodic inspections. During your scheduled maintenance, you can make the most out of the appointment by asking your HVAC contractor several questions. Experienced contractors would answer any question you throw at them. The problem is knowing what to ask them to begin with. Pay close attention to what your contractor has to say. These tips will lead to an increase in the efficiency of your HVAC system and extend its lifespan. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask your contractor:

Questions that you need to ask your HVAC technician

What is the ideal thermostat temperature during winter and summer? – It’s an ongoing battle among families about how cold or warm it needs to be during the summer and winter seasons. Your contractor can tell you exactly what temperature you need to set during these seasons. With the right thermostat settings, your HVAC system can run easily without too much load. This translates to increased efficiency and lowered energy bills.

What are some options when it comes to thermostats? –There’s a lot of talk about thermostats and how more advanced ones allow you to save more money. Smart thermostats are used to automate home cooling and heating. This means there is no need to manually adjust the thermostat every time it changes season.

How can I improve the quality of indoor air? – There are various ways on how this can be worked out. Your HVAC contractor can install air purifiers, dehumidifiers, or clean ducts to achieve better indoor air quality.

Should my air ducts be cleaned? – Ask your technician about why and when you should have your air ducts cleaned.

What are the benefits of professional HVAC maintenance – DIY maintenance is always an option. However, for the homeowner with a hectic schedule, DIY just won’t cut it. Ask your technician about the benefits of having them maintain your HVAC system. Professional maintenance, installation, and cleaning normally have benefits. It’s up to you to ask what they are.

When is the next scheduled maintenance? – The number of times you have your HVAC system maintained will determine the efficiency of your unit. Less maintenance would mean poor performance whereas more scheduled maintenance allows for a better system function. Ask your technician when the next scheduled maintenance is to be prepared for the visit.

What are the things I need to know about my old AC unit? – If you have an AC unit that is fairly old, you should ask your technician a number of questions. Aging units normally encounter more problems than newer ones. It is essential to ask your technician what to expect and the things that you should do to prevent damages.

What are the guidelines of when choosing an AC unit? – If you have no clue about what the specs are when getting a new AC, you should ask your technician. There are plenty of things to consider including the size of the room, the capacity of the unit, and how efficient the unit is.

What are SEER ratings? – a lot of people get confused about SEER ratings. Basically, it’s how AC and HVAC units are rated for their efficiency. Units that come with SEER ratings are more efficient than others that don’t. Ask your technician about the specifics to know more. Experts such as NMB HVAC Pros hold all the answers to your questions about HVAC and AC unit SEER ratings.

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