8 Reasons Why Your AC Fails At Cooling

HVAC systemThe ever useful HVAC system has been around for quite some time and we could barely imagine what life would be without it on a hot summer’s day. Since the inception of heating and cooling appliances, we have fully utilized them for our comfort. However, have you ever given thought on how to keep your air conditioning unit running in top condition at all times? We just hate it when the AC breaks down and the heat is quickly growing unbearable. So how could you tell if your AC is about to fail and what are the things you could do to prevent it from failing? Read on to know more.

8 common HVAC issues that prevent cooling

Bad thermostat settings – it may seem too simple to be a problem, but incorrect thermostat settings could be the culprit. If you want to save money and lower your energy consumption, you should set higher temperatures during the day. However, you should not set it “too high.” During summer, you should not set the thermostat over five to eight degrees above your preferred home setting when you are away. This will make the temperature range conducive to your comfort and also decrease the amount of stress that is placed on your HVAC system North Myrtle Beach. Don’t forget to check your fan settings. It should be set to auto so that your unit will not blow warm air all throughout the day.

Filthy air filter – a filthy air filter can lead to different problems like warm air coming out from vents, frozen evaporator coil, and restricted airflow leading to cooling inefficiency. Whatever problems you are experiencing, a filthy air filter is going to make your HVAC unit work harder and prevent it from cooling properly. In case your evaporator coil, which is part of the indoor unit, freezes, it will eventually begin to melt and when the unit is located on the upper floor, there could be leaks through the ceiling below. How often you should change your filter will depend on several factors like if you have pets, have allergies, and the quality of the air filters that you are using.

Closed or blocked air vents – just like the thermostat settings, you should also check your air vents before you call an HVAC contractor. Pay close attention to areas or rooms that are more humid or hotter than the other parts of the house. Check every vent in your vent and be sure that all of the air vents are unblocked.

Refrigerant issues – if your unit is low or leaking refrigerant, you should immediately call the pros. Problems with the refrigerant are usually caught by HVAC contractors especially during routine maintenance inspections. You will know that the refrigerant is leaking if you hear a hissing or bubbling noise, the air conditioner works alright during the evening and during cooler temperatures but struggles to reach the set temperature settings during hotter days. If the refrigerant levels are low, your air conditioning unit will continue running but it won’t reach the correct temperature. In cases where you notice issues, call your local HVAC contractor for heating and cooling repair.

Air duct leaks – air ducts bring and distribute cool air all throughout your home, keeping your house cool and comfortable. At time passes, air ducts become disconnected and unsealed, which leads to air leaks. Once this happens, cool air will not reach the air vents required to cool your home correctly.

Filthy outdoor unit – this problem can affect your HVAC system. A system that is dirty and obstructed will find it hard to get rid of warm air, which causes overheating, and potentially cause the unit to shut down. Due to the electrical components involved, an HVAC contractor must clean your unit so be sure to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Find professionals like NMB HVAC Pros to get the best service in the market.

Older unit – air conditioning units eventually wear out over time even if it undergoes regular maintenance. The system is composed of several moving parts and pieces, which degrade as time passes. Eventually, the repair cost will outweigh the advantages of keeping an older system. Fortunately, if you have to change your existing HVAC system, then you will get to enjoy the benefits of having an efficient unit once again.

Incorrectly sized unit – This item is important especially for those who have done any recent home additions or home remodeling. You should have a system that is appropriate for the size of your home. You need to consider this if you just had or if you plan to have a home renovation project.

Do not let your HVAC problems ruin your summer. If you notice that your unit is not cooling the way it should call an HVAC contractor right away.

If you need an HVAC contractor to install, repair, or maintain your unit, don’t hesitate to call NMB HVAC Pros.

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