6 Tips To Prepare Your HVAC For Winter

heating and air North Myrtle BeachAny homeowner would appreciate the value of a properly working heating system in the winter. However, your home’s heating and air North Myrtle Beach system won’t remain in top condition by itself. It needs to be maintained on a regular basis especially before winter comes. Luckily for the regular homeowner, it’s easy to maintain an HVAC system. On the other hand, it’s still better to have a heating and cooling contractor do the maintenance for optimal results.

Ways to keep your HVAC system from breaking down

Clean the air vents – when cleaning your home make it a habit to include the air vents and registers. Doing so will keep dust and other debris from circulating and clogging up your air filters. Bear in mind that clogged vents and registers make it harder for your heating system to keep the temperature inside your home on a consistent level.

Replace air filters – always remember to replace dirty air filters or clean (if they are reusable) to keep your system from putting in more effort to produce the same level of comfort you are used to. Dirty air filters require more power from the fans that circulate the air inside your home. Although comfortable temperatures will be achieved, your system will require more power to do so. Your heating and cooling system is most efficient if it is well kept.

Calibrate your thermostat – the thermostat must have the correct settings in order to provide a balance of efficiency and comfort. Check your thermostat during the winter and calibrate if necessary. Also, consult with your HVAC contractor in case you run into a problem with your thermostat. Faulty thermostat reading will cause your system to function abnormally despite having properly working components.

Check your home’s insulation – before winter comes, it’s best to check whether your home’s insulation is still sufficient. If not, make sure that there are no drafts to keep your HVAC system working properly and efficiently.

Clean the surroundings of your outdoor unit – while built to withstand the elements, your outdoor unit needs some care too. Make sure that the surrounding area of your outdoor unit is kept clean. It’s a quick and easy way of making sure your HVAC system won’t break down on you in the middle of winter.

Call in a professional – always know when to call in a professional heating and cooling expert like NMB HVAC Pros. While you can maintain your heating and cooling system on your own, there are limits to what you can do. Most of the time, you can only do the most basic maintenance tasks. Other maintenance procedures would require technical knowledge of how the system operates. Don’t make the false judgment of thinking everything will be okay after you’ve fiddled around with the internals of your system. An HVAC system is comprised of different components. Most of them are difficult to service if you are not an expert technician.

Keep your home cozy all throughout winter. Keep your HVAC system well-maintained! Call NMB HVAC Pros today for top-quality heating and cooling services. You may reach us at (843) 353-4089.

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