6 Common Reasons For Poor Duct Airflow

HVAC contractorHave you noticed that there isn’t enough airflow running through your ducts recently? Did you know that poor airflow affects the overall efficiency of your system? When your system isn’t pushing as much air into the entire house, it works harder than its normal operating capacity. This means the system will eat up more electricity to provide the same cooling or heating. It’s best to have it checked out by an HVAC contractor to resolve the problem. However, there are things you can do at home to spot the problem and save the contractor some time in looking for the affected areas.

It can be tricky to repair duct problems which is why it is best left to an HVAC contractor

Closed or blocked vents – when there are things that are in front of the vents that directly block the flow of air, it creates a problem. The vents should never be closed. Things that could completely block the vents must also be placed elsewhere. Furniture or other things must be placed away from the vents to ensure proper airflow. It’s not something you call an HVAC contractor for but if you’re having the system professionally maintained, you can have them take a look at it as well.

Closed damper valve – the damper valve is basically like vents that restrict or direct airflow into certain areas of the home. The damper valves could be adjusted manually so they are open to avoid restricting airflow if that is what you need. However, you can only make the adjustments yourself with a manual damper valve. For automatic damper valves, you don’t really have much of a choice than to call in a North Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor. Why? That’s because automatic damper valves are controlled by the thermostat. That means even if you manage to manually adjust the damper valves, they would return to the original position once the thermostat triggers them.

Blocked or dirty ducts – the ductwork inside your home is what delivers air from one point to another. If somewhere in the ducts are blockages that normally results in poor airflow. Unfortunately, this isn’t a task that you can simply do on a weekend. This typically requires the attention of an HVAC contractor.

Leaky ducts – when your ducts have leaks that usually means the system is working harder to maintain a comfortable environment inside the house. Leaks can be costly due to the fact that your electricity bill would rise. Other than that, leaks in your ducts invite more problems the longer the problem is overlooked. This is the reason why professional maintenance is recommended to ensure that when needed, HVAC repair can be done immediately.

Buckled flex duct – the flex ducts are basically insulated ducts that run through the home. These are normally used on HVAC systems due to their insulated nature. However, when the core material buckles, the entire duct system is blocked, restricting airflow into different sections of the home. You will need to call an HVAC contractor to have it fixed.

Restrictive air filters – air filters are integral parts of your ductwork. However, when they are clogged after filtering a lot of dust in the air, they can no longer let air through normally. This will be problematic for the system which must be replaced immediately. Hire professional contractors like NMB HVAC Pros to maintain and or repair your HVAC system.

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