10 Tips To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

air conditioner repairIt’s during summer when you could fully appreciate the beauty of a highly efficient air conditioning unit. Getting away from the sweltering heat of the sun isn’t easy if your air conditioner won’t provide the right cooling. That’s the reason why you should always take the time to maintain your AC unit or fix any underlying issues that could potentially lead to more problems later on. Also, whenever you plan on having your AC unit maintained or schedule an air conditioner repair, hire a professional technician.

Here are additional tips that will keep your air conditioner running smoothly all year

  1. Inspect the thermostat – in the event that your air conditioner seems to be having problems check your thermostat first. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as setting the right temperature through the thermostat. The installation of a smart thermostat can provide better efficiency.
  1. Inspect the ductwork – the next area that needs to be checked is the ductwork. It may not be easily accessible. It is best to hire an HVAC contractor for this kind of operation. Proper maintenance is key to an efficient air conditioning system.
  1. Check the drain line – one easy part of routine maintenance is checking the drain line. This can be done quite easily as you will only need to confirm that the drain line is flushing the condensate properly.
  1. Check the vents – another section of the system that needs to be checked is the vents. It is important the vents remain unblocked. Any impeding material or object could restrict the flow of air, thus reducing the cooling capacity of the system.
  1. Inspect the electrical components – in case your system keeps turning off or exhibits signs of an electrical issue, call your HVAC contractor immediately. It is advised to have North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair immediately if any electrical problem occurs.
  1. Inspect the filter – the air filter in your AC unit must be cleaned or replaced every so often. The air filters will be full of dust and debris in a few months’ time depending on the usage of the system.
  1. Check the outdoor unit – the outdoor unit is where the heat exchange takes place. It is important to keep the outdoor unit free from any plants, dirt, and another object. Also, the fins on the outdoor unit must always be clean to allow for efficient heat expulsion.
  1. Check power on the system – to inspect the power of the system, check the circuit breaker if it has been tripped or not. Also, be sure to check whether the thermostat is turned on or not.
  1. Inspect the coolant levels – it will be difficult to tell without professional equipment if the air conditioning system still has enough coolant. However, there are signs that can tell you there is a coolant problem. If everything else is working properly but there still isn’t enough cooling, it must be caused by low refrigerant levels.
  1. Inspect electrical wiring – another section of the AC unit to monitor is the electrical wiring. It’s not often that a problem happens with the electrical wiring but when it does, it will be hard to fix on your own. It is advised to call experts like NMB HVAC Pros to repair these kinds of issues.

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